The Francis Cartoons - In Which Francis Lives His Own Personal Nightmare

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Comic 95 - In Which Francis Lives His Own Personal Nightmare

In Which Francis Lives His Own Personal Nightmare
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1st Jul 2021, 9:00 AM



It makes it difficult for a guy to go out in an unmarked van with a puppy and some candy

19th Jun 2021, 11:13 AM edit delete reply

I blame helicopter parenting. Now you need to apply for a license and wait 90 days to see if you've been approved...not that I'd know.

19th Jun 2021, 2:47 PM edit delete reply

Why I was a young surfer, back in Wales, I genuinely had a mate who would sit in his kombi and 'accost' passing ladies with the line "D'you want to get in the van with me, I've got sweeties !" Fortunately, they were always "above the age of consent"

23rd Jun 2021, 12:24 PM edit delete reply

Ha! Your mate sounds like a lot of fun.

23rd Jun 2021, 3:41 PM edit delete reply

Seriously speaking, there was a 10 year old girl living next door. I became friends with her and her parents. I liked her, she was a nice, bright kid and a few times hung out at my place playing videogames.
Then it started to creep me out because I was afraid someone might think something like that was going on. Kind of a sad commentary on society, I suppose.
A few years ago they bought a house in another part of town but I still send links to my comics with them.

19th Jun 2021, 11:44 PM edit delete reply

Thanks for commenting, Marcel. Yes, it is a rather sad commentary on society and I'm in the same boat as you. The paranoia goes both ways. Parents are overly worried about their children's safety (I see it first hand with my niece and nephews) but I'm paranoid too, that something I say or do will be misconstrued as inappropriate. Or, hell, I might even say something inadvertently that IS inappropriate that gets over analyzed.

Hopefully all this paranoia is saving some kids out there somewhere. I see why your own cartoons favor a 1950's setting.

19th Jun 2021, 11:55 PM edit delete reply

I remember encountering a pervert or two when I was a kid. I managed to avoid them. Back then nobody would even talk about it. At least now, people are aware of the potential danger.

20th Jun 2021, 12:02 AM edit delete reply

I guess the best course of action when a kid gets hurt is trying to locate his/her parents first. Or calling an ambulance, if he/she is really badly hurt.

20th Jun 2021, 4:20 AM edit delete reply

Or hide in a bush. No, wait...bad idea.

20th Jun 2021, 4:29 AM edit delete reply

It’s no wonder the tyke got hurt, playing on the 1950’s style playground equipment! I can’t remember the last time I even saw “monkey-bars”.
On the other hand, it could provide an effective escape route from the pervies.

20th Jun 2021, 8:42 AM edit delete reply

Really?! We got monkey bars and geo-domes in every damn park around here. Maybe it's because we have universal health care, and it doesn't cost us anything when our kids break themselves. XD

20th Jun 2021, 3:35 PM edit delete reply

All I know for certain, the park down the street from me had a big red swing set that had a steel head at the top that resembled a caricature of a Indigenous American, complete with war paint and metal feathers protruding from it’s giant dome. Though I knew it was distasteful on so many levels it made me sad when they took it down. Now there are NO swings at the park…only a big plastic structure that children can rub against.

21st Jun 2021, 12:15 AM edit delete reply

Ha ha! Ah....rubbing is a kind of playing. Teenagers need a place too, I guess. Hmm...

On another note. I'm currently also reading Infinite Jest by David Wallace. Have you read it too? It's choked FULL of Boston references! (Which it takes place in) I'm learning so much about a city I've never been staggering detail

21st Jun 2021, 12:59 AM edit delete reply

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